Council of Neighborhood Associations

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dell Holmes Park - Grand Opening & Dedication

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Penny for Pinellas

Announcement from the Neighborhood Partnership Office

Are you aware of what the Penny for Pinellas has done for our community? The Penny is a one-cent sales tax that funds new capital projects all across Pinellas County. Ever since voters first approved the Penny in 1989, it has added value to our county with projects like the Bayside Bridge, Pinellas Trail, environmental restoration of Lake Maggiore, new fire stations, libraries, recreation centers, athletic fields and more.

On March 13, 2007, voters will be asked whether they want to renew the Penny for another ten years. It’s important to remember that this is not a new tax – it is a renewal of a one-cent sales tax paid by all who spend money in the County, including tourists and other visitors who contribute approximately one third of the Penny revenue. The Penny for Pinellas funds these projects without relying on higher property taxes to make Pinellas County a better place to live, work and visit.

A renewal of the Penny would provide funding for some exciting future projects like a new expressway linking US 19 to I-275, public safety and emergency preparedness enhancements, expanded bicycle and pedestrian trails, Pier improvements and more. Please visit to find out more information about past and future projects and see what our citizens have to say about the Penny.

And please don’t forget to vote on March 13, 2007

If someone would like to have a speaker come to your association meeting, please call Budget and Management at 893-7436.

Monday, January 08, 2007

January 07 Message

Welcome neighbors. 2007 is going to be a spectacular year for CONA. As I keep telling everyone, we are a new CONA and our # 1 charter is to work hand in hand with city staff, all neighborhood associations city-wide and all our wonderful residents. We will do our very best to better represent the interests of the neighborhoods of St. Petersburg. We all want the same thing – to make St. Petersburg even better ! ! !

First, let’s take a moment to thank some very special people who worked so hard to help us meet our goals for 2006. Karl Nurse, thank you for leading us. Tom Killian, thank you for mentoring us. Annie McWilliams, thank you for keeping us solvent. Conrad Weiser, thank you for documenting us so meticulously. Ingrid Comberg and Patricia Guaveia, thank you for training our future leaders. Steve Plice, thank you for PLGE. Mo Eppley, thank you for making our newsletter, website and pamphlets look great. CONA members, thank you for making these successes possible. There is not enough space to individually list everyone’s names. To all who worked so hard to make 2006 the success it was, we say


Your CONA officers have been busy over the holidays working with City Staff on a number of projects. We hope to have a Neighborhood Retreat set up within the next two months for all Association Presidents to attend to discuss their concerns. We know you have a number of “hot” issues that need more than just a 90 minute discussion at our CONA meeting. Look for an update and an invitation very soon.

Each month we are inviting our City Departments to give a brief presentation of just what they do and then take
questions from the audience. We will start with Julie Weston, Development Services. With the new LDR’s in March, there are a lot of questions. As in the past, we also hope to regularly see our City Council members, County Commissioners and other elected officials at our meetings.

2007 is going to be busy. We need YOUR help and participation to represent YOU. It was only a few years ago when our US President was decided by a few towns in Florida. Time Magazine just named YOU the most influentialperson of 2006. YOUR attendance matters. The issues CONA focuses on and the work CONA does is decided by YOU. Help support YOUR neighborhood at CONA this year by voicing YOUR concerns. Do not miss this opportunity to be heard. Remember, the third Wednesday of each month is YOUR CONA time. Make it in red on your calendar.

See YOU at the next CONA meeting.

Please join in “working together for a better St. Petersburg.”

Barbara Heck
CONA 2007 President