Council of Neighborhood Associations

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Workforce Housing Social

May President's Message

To tax or not – that is the question
I am writing this on May 1st without knowledge of what our friends in Tallahassee will decide about insurance rates, tax cuts and other related issues. We all need to be very aware of what is happening and why. We need to understand that any tax cut will also have some effect on our daily life beyond our pocketbooks.

Things (and you and I can only guess at what these “things” are) will be reduced, delayed or eliminated entirely. No one can really say with 100 % accuracy what will have to be trimmed, but trimmed these “things” will be. I lived in California before, during and after Prop 13 was voted into effect. Lots of “things” were trimmed, delayed or eliminated entirely and residents soon found out what a tax cut truly meant to their services right in their own neighborhoods and own backyards.

We need to be prepared for what is ahead. We need to understand that no tax cut can be made without a counterbalancing cut or reduction in the services provided by that funding. We can forge ahead in these difficult times. This is when the neighborhoods can really shine AND really make a difference. We will need to be extra creative when working on our projects to find ways to literally fund them with “no funds available.”

We can do this. Our parents and grandparents and great grandparents lived through a terrible depression and wars and economy downturns. They survived. We are built of that same wonderful stock. We have a tough job ahead as does every city government in Florida, but we are all more than up to the task.

Let’s come together neighbor to neighbor and neighborhood to neighborhood to make 2007 a great year in spite of these “challenges.” Please join your CONA friends in “working together for a better St. Petersburg.”

Mark your Calendars – A very important June meeting
To honor our CONA heritage, we will be having a special President’s Night June 20th.
We are inviting all our past CONA Presidents and city officials to join us for a Social Night We want to share our history with all our newer members. Let’s see what has changed in the neighborhoods and what “challenges” we still face.

PS – Please pay your overdue CONA dues now to Keith Locke, Treasurer.