Council of Neighborhood Associations

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Statement from State Attorney Bernie McCabe

Letter of Statement from Bernie McCabe's office about the Javon Dawson shooting.

Download the PDF here.


Monday, August 04, 2008

August President's Message

CONA Challenges. CONA members have been dealing with a wide variety of issues this spring and summer. CONA thanks everyone who participated in the lengthy process. Many issues are still unresolved and we will continue working hard on them. So fasten your seat belts because we have a lot to accomplish in the next few months. Here are some of the items (and some new ones):

• Public Safety (CONA Goal #1)
• Homeless (CONA Goal #2)
• Affordable Housing (CONA Goal #3)
• Preservation / Landmarking of historic resources (CONA Goal #6)
• By-Laws updating
• Baseball visioning – (A Baseball Community, the coalition)
• St Petersburg Pier Visioning
• Codes – new policies

Please volunteer for these Committees and offer your suggestions. Can’t join a Committee? Use e-mails, US mail and phone calls to make your case to the Committees working on the issue. CONA needs to hear from your neighborhood as to where you stand on these

You cannot expect to push your solution if you have never been part of the process. Please take the time and make the effort. The loudest voice in the room many times does NOT completely understand the problem. Loud no longer works here at CONA. Doing the research, learning the facts, finding reasonable solutions does work and moves all of us forward. Please participate.

Neighborhood Concerns – we can help. We have many mentors who are ready and willing to assist you with your neighborhood challenges. Please contact Tom Killian or any officer with your problem and you will be put in touch with a mentor who can help your association find a solution.

Vote – August 26th Primary. Our forefathers paid heavily for us to have the opportunity of free and unfettered elections. Please honor them and this country by casting your ballot in the August Primary and again in the November General Election. CONA hopes that you are working to find a solution and making a difference in your neighborhoods.

Because that is what you and we do best – find solutions!!